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February 2016 Archives

Former Yahoo editor files wrongful termination lawsuit

Because every company has its own way of dealing with employee concerns, there may be unique concerns that arise. Although these companies may have their own way of doing things as far as human resources go, every company still has specific local and federal employment laws they have to follow. If their company-specific ways do not follow the guidelines laid out by law, they may end up facing a lawsuit.

City employee files discrimination lawsuit

It's no easy task to take on a company when you have been continuously dealing with discrimination. The same can be said about a city government. Many people fear speaking up about unfair and illegal treatment because they fear losing their job or getting reprimanded. The fear in many cases is very warranted because we have heard of such situations in New York time and time again.

Speaking up can help protect employee rights

If you go through the various pages on our law firm’s site, you will see that there are numerous types of employment law concerns that may come up. Some employees end up having to deal with harassment, while others are hit with wage and overtime pay issues. Other individuals may be wrongfully terminated or have issues related to their employment agreements.

What are those large regulation posters in my workplace?

If you have worked for any company, whether big or small, you have likely seen a number of posters detailing various employment regulations on the wall of the break room or somewhere else in the building. These posters are mandated by the state and federal government and should be visible and accessible to all workers.

New York Jets reach settlement with cheerleaders over wages

As we discussed in our last post, many individuals dream of getting to work in a glamorous field such as the film industry or the music industry. While the lifestyle seems amazing and something to envy, many may not realize the true situation that some of these workers are in.

Production assistants undergo harsh work conditions, lawsuit says

When someone tries to get their foot in the door in the movie industry, it can be a rough start. The jobs available often involve long hours and very little pay. While this may be worth it for those who want to work in the industry, it’s also important to remember that there are specific employment laws that must be followed by employers. Unfortunately, some companies take advantage of newcomers’ excitement about working in the industry and force them to work under circumstances that are sometimes quite awful.

The relationship between arbitration agreements & sex harassment

Most people think of sexual harassment and gender discrimination as two separate, unrelated offenses. For some purposes, they are separate. But in most workplaces, Sexual harassment includes gender discrimination and vice versa. An office culture that condones either behavior likely condones both.

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