What are those large regulation posters in my workplace?

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2016 | Employee Rights

If you have worked for any company, whether big or small, you have likely seen a number of posters detailing various employment regulations on the wall of the break room or somewhere else in the building. These posters are mandated by the state and federal government and should be visible and accessible to all workers.

While there is some basic information that has to be posted by most employers, there are also some posters that are very specific to the company’s industry.

Some of the posters that a company may have to post include wage and hour posters such as the one detailing the Fair Labor Standards Act and one showing minimum wage requirements in New York state.

Another poster that may be required is one detailing what types of discrimination is prohibited in the workplace. There may also be posters up that discuss safety and health issues as they relate to your work.

There may also be notices up about the New York State Unemployment Insurance Law as well as a poster explaining your right to workers’ compensation and disability benefits. Furthermore, there may be information available about the Family and Medical Leave Act, although not all companies are required to post this.

While some might think nothing of these posters as they pass by them every day, it’s important that an employer has them posted. Not everyone is aware that they are protected by an extensive set of federal and state laws and these posters are one way to inform employees of their rights.

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