Protecting The Rights Of Illegally Terminated Employees

New York is an at-will employment state and most employees in New York are at-will employees. This means that, in general terms, you can be fired for any reason.

However, that does not give your employer the right to discriminate against you.

At Kessler Matura P.C. , we understand the importance of your job and the implications of a termination or demotion for the wrong reason. After an illegal termination, you may be able to sue your former employer to compensate you for your losses and to protect your co-workers from similar discrimination.

Ensuring Compliance With Federal And State Laws

Every business must comply with state and federal laws regarding the hiring and firing of employees. You may also not be demoted or passed over for promotion for discriminatory reasons. If you believe your termination was due to reasons that had nothing to do with your job performance, contact our lawyers to discuss your potential wrongful termination case.

Assisting With A Wide Array Of Wrongful Termination Cases

Our attorneys can tell you your rights and determine if your firing was legal or illegal. We have handled wrongful termination cases involving:

  • Discrimination. An employer cannot fire you, fail to promote you, or otherwise damage your reputation at work because of your age, race, gender, disability, sexual orientation and more. If you feel that you were the subject of discriminatory practices, we can help you seek justice.
  • Employer retaliation. If you made a complaint against your boss or another co-worker, your employer may not fire or demote you in retaliation. Retaliation is illegal, and you should stand up for your rights. We can help.
  • Whistleblower retaliation. You have a right and a responsibility to complain to the proper authorities when your company engages in unethical, dangerous or illegal behavior. If you feel that your firing or demotion had to do with your complaint, we can help you explore your legal options.

If you feel that you were fired or demoted because of retaliation or discriminatory reasons, reach out to us. We can discuss your rights.

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