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February 2017 Archives

Uber to investigate sexual harassment claims

New York residents who rely on Uber to get around town may be interested in learning that on Feb. 20, the company's CEO instructed the chief human resources officer to look into claims of sexual harassment put forth by a former Uber engineer. The former engineer claimed in a blog that her manager used the company chat to proposition her.

Uber CEO orders investigation into sexual harassment claims

New York readers may be interested to learn that Uber's CEO has ordered an "urgent investigation" after a former employee publicly accused the company of sexual harassment. The order came just hours after the employee published a blog post on Feb. 19 detailing the alleged discrimination.

EEOC reports rise in disability discrimination claims

According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, disability discrimination claims increased in 2016, and it appears to be part of an overall trend. However, this may not be due to an actual increase in discrimination. It is possible that employees in New York and around the country may be likely to report discrimination. It could also be because of a small increase in employment for disabled people.

Whistleblower policies in employment contracts

New York employees who notice something unethical or illegal going on at their workplace may want to alert the public about what they know. When an employee brings a concern to the public's attention, this is referred to as whistleblowing. Though whistleblowers may bring negative attention to their employer, they are legally protected from retaliation.

The EEOC and New York discrimination claims

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission stated that during its 2016 fiscal year, it had resolved 97,443 allegations of employment discrimination around the country. The agency also obtained over $482 million for individuals who were subject to some form of discrimination in local, state or federal government or private workplaces. The most frequent charges were those pertaining to racial bias, discrimination due to disability and retaliation by employers.

Court rules chef's overtime case can proceed

New York workers who are not exempt must be compensated for overtime, but sometimes that right must be fought for in court. For example, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas has ruled that a hospital chef has the right to go to trial over her claims of overtime and retaliation.

Emotional distress damages in FLSA claims

A recent appeals court decision could affect employees in New York who are pursuing compensation for violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals found that a plaintiff in an FLSA claim could recover damages for emotional injuries caused by FLSA retaliation. The decision could make FLSA retaliation claims more expensive for employers to settle.

Former AT&T executive files lawsuit for wrongful termination

New York residents who have been following AT&T's acquisition of DirecTV may be interested to learn that AT&T's former content president filed a wrongful discrimination lawsuit against the company. In the lawsuit, he claimed that he was fired so that a discrimination lawsuit that had been filed against him would not affect the $48.5 billion merger.

Obama's order on LGBTQ employment discrimination

New York residents who are part of the LGBTQ community sometimes face discrimination in the workplace. While Title VII of the Civil Rights Act bans workplace discrimination that is based on sex, the law does not specifically mention sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination. However, some courts choose to interpret sex discrimination to include those characteristics.

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