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January 2018 Archives

Black STEM employees report more workplace discrimination

Black employees working in STEM fields in New York and around the country are more likely to report on-the-job discrimination than STEM employees of other ethnic groups and races, according to a study. STEM fields include jobs in science, technology, engineering and math.

Stopping age discrimination in the workplace

Despite having a wealth of experience and wisdom, it is not unusual for older workers in New York to be discriminated against. Even though it is nearly impossible to control how the working world may perceive them because of their maturity, older workers can take certain steps to avoid being discriminated against because of their age.

Women overwhelming experience workplace discrimination

New York residents that work in computer-related jobs may be interested in learning that about 75 percent of woman reported experiencing workplace discrimination. According to the report, which was issued by the Pew Research Center, just 16 percent of men in the same industry experienced discrimination in the workplace.

Leading companies may be using social media to skirt labor laws

Online platforms like Facebook, Google and LinkedIn allow employers in New York and around the country to focus their help wanted advertising by using demographic filters. However, the results of a recent investigation conducted by the New York Times and ProPublica suggest that some of the nation's largest companies are using these features to skirt labor laws prohibiting age discrimination. The companies mentioned in the report include Goldman Sachs, Target, Amazon, Verizon and even Facebook itself.

Worker in whistleblower case awarded $174,000

Workers in New York and around the country have an obligation to inform the proper authorities when they learn that their employers are engaging in dangerous, unethical or illegal activities. Whistleblowers in the workplace are protected from retaliation by laws, including the Occupational Safety and Health Act and the National Labor Relations Act, and employers can face severe penalties when they fire, harass or otherwise mistreat employees who step forward to report wrongdoing.

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