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February 2019 Archives

Google announces an end to forced arbitration for workers

The technology giant Google announced on Feb. 21 that would no longer prevent its employees from joining together to file class-action lawsuits against the company over workplace issues. Google workers in New York and around the country will also no longer be required to litigate discrimination and wrongful termination disputes through arbitration. The move is the latest effort by the Mountain View-based company to relax restrictions that prompted widespread worker protests in November.

Fast-food workers fight against arbitrary firings

Workers in fast food in New York City continue to face serious problems and violations of their rights on the job. While their movement for a $15-per-hour minimum wage was victorious and sparked similar movements across the country, they continue to deal with wage theft, inappropriate firings or retaliation for reporting harassment, and other types of inappropriate conduct. One member of City Council said that he plans to introduce legislation requiring fast-food companies to show just cause before dismissing workers; fired employees could also appeal their dismissals through an arbitration procedure.

Dealing with ageism in the workplace

Given the fact that about a third of America's working force will be above the age of 50 by 2022, the state of New York included, ageism and age discrimination in the workplace are serious matters that need to be tackled head-on. To make matters worse, age discrimination is so prevalent in today's workplace that, according to some estimates, six out of every ten employees above the age of 45 have been exposed to it in some way or form, and nine out of every ten senior employees describe ageism as a common practice in today's workplace.

NYPD under fire for breast milk controversy

The mission of the City of New York Police Department is to “enforce the laws, preserve the peace, reduce fear, and provide for a safe environment.” While many officers have proven to do that time and time again in the state’s dangerous streets, some employees think that their employers and co-workers aren’t upholding that motto in their workplace.

Surveys of black STEM workers indicate frequent discrimination

The racial background of people employed in science, technical, engineering or math fields in New York influences their perception of discrimination and diversity in the workplace. A report from the Pew Research Center found that black workers reported experiencing discrimination at work at greater rates than Hispanics, Asians or whites.

The impact of age discrimination in the tech sector

According to an Indeed.com survey, 43 percent of workers who participated in the study fear that they will lose their jobs because of their age. This is because there is less of a stigma of discriminating against an employee based on age when compared to discrimination based on race or gender. However, workers in New York and throughout the country may not need to worry about age discrimination as much as they do.

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