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March 2016 Archives

How does the Americans with Disabilities Act protect me?

It can be difficult enough to live your life with a disability but imagine trying to find a job while having a disability. For some, their disability is easy enough to manage that it doesn't affect their ability to work. But for others, that is definitely not the case. The individual may need some sort of accommodations in order to perform the duties of his or her job. In these situations, it is understandable that some individuals may feel worried about asking for these accommodations for fear of being denied a job opportunity.

Advertising agency faces discrimination lawsuit

One of the hardest things about standing up against discrimination in the workplace has to do with the size of the company. If a company is very well known and is large, an employee may feel powerless to speak out about any type of discrimination that is going on. Nonetheless, there are those brave individuals who do so with the hope that the company will change its ways as a whole.

The difference between exempt and nonexempt employees (PART 2)

Today we continue our discussion about the different classifications of jobs under the Fair Labor Standards Act. In our last post we discussed what it means to be a nonexempt employee. Basically, these are the employees that should be getting paid minimum wage and should be receiving overtime pay.

The difference between exempt and nonexempt employees (PART 1)

The way an employee is classified is very important to how he or she gets paid. You may trust that your employer has classified your job correctly, but it is always important to check. Without even knowing it, you may be entitled to overtime pay and may not be receiving it due to a wrong classification.

New York electronics retailer faces Department of Labor lawsuit

Even when a company has been sued by several employees over a span of years, sometimes the company just doesn't seem to get the clue that they need to change the way they treat employees. This may be the case with New York-based electronics retailer B&H. After facing a lawsuit from a group of Hispanic workers back in 2007, a lawsuit from a group of female workers in 2009 and a third lawsuit from two Latino workers in 2011, the company is now facing a lawsuit from the Department of Labor.

New York Times settles employment law case

Even though we would all hope that large publications such as the New York Times would support having a diverse work force, it seems that may not necessarily be the case. The publication recently settled a case with a woman who filed an age, race and gender discrimination lawsuit against the publication. The terms of the settlement are confidential and the case cannot be refilled again. At the time that the lawsuit was originally filed, the paper called the lawsuit "malicious" and false and apparently vowed to have a "vigorous defense" against it.

Time to think about what waitresses actually deal with

The CBS sitcom "Two Broke Girls" depicts the plight of two young waitresses and their various adventures as they go through life. However, like many TV sitcoms, the real life exploits of a waitress are not so funny or glamorous. In fact, waitresses may have more to deal with than most people know beside collecting tips.

Should I seek help from an employment attorney?

In our last post we started a discussion about the importance of turning to an attorney when you are dealing with an employment law issue. Having an attorney on your side may be vital in order to prove your case. At attorney will know what paperwork is needed and what type of evidence is needed to prove the case.

An employment attorney can help you decide if you have a case

When people think about employment law, they might automatically think about wrongful termination or some acts of sexual harassment in the workplace. These are the topics that are usually covered the most in the media or as a topic in a new film. But it's important to remember that employment law covers a lot more than just these two issues. An employment law attorney can be helpful in a wide variety of employment issues that our readers may not even consider.

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