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June 2014 Archives

Bakery worker files suit for unlawful termination

A 25-year-old woman who worked at a New York bakery has filed a lawsuit against her former employer after she was fired. According to the suit, she was wrongfully terminated from her position because she was pregnant. The woman worked at a local bakery on New York City's Upper East Side. When she discovered she was pregnant she did not want it to be public knowledge and told no one at work. Another employee confronted her about it and she denied it. Her employer asked her if it was true while other employees were present. One week after this confrontation the woman was fired from her position.

Undocumented workers have labor rights

The New York-based Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund recently noted that illegal immigrant workers are entitled to many of the same rights as legal workers. Among other employee rights, undocumented immigrants are entitled to minimum wage protection and overtime pay. For these types of benefits, the person's immigration status does not matter. The issue arose after a rally on June 11 protesting wage theft abuses and reporters said that workers are not protected under these laws.

Age discrimination is an increasingly serious problem

Most people in Queens know that young people, especially college graduates, are having trouble finding jobs. There are numerous reports of people working for minimum wage or in positions that do not require a college degree. But that is not the only group affected by the slowly recovering economy. Older workers are also facing unemployment and they are having a difficult time finding new jobs. For some, it is a matter of age discrimination.

Servers file wage-related class action lawsuit

Everyone deserves to be paid fairly for their work. At the very least, they should be paid the minimum wage, though federal law allows for individuals who receive tips to make less than the hourly minimum wage for tipped work. The rationale is that if they are receiving tips, then those tips will raise their hourly wage to at least the minimum wage. Servers and restaurant workers who are generally tipped, however, may not always be assigned tipped work.

Study: discrimination is about helping people with commonalities

A new paper has recently been published in American Psychologist that argues that discrimination is less about hostile attitudes towards others, and more about helping people with whom we share commonalities. While this can simply be explained as showing slight favoritism to the people who went to the same school as us, go to the same religious institution or whose children attend the same school as our children, the authors also note that this often has racial implications, too.

Can you work there? Your past boss may say 'no'

When you stop working for a company, you expect to be largely unrestricted in where you work next. Sure, you need to have the qualifications for the job, but your previous employer generally has no say in which company or employer you can work for, right? Unfortunately, that is not always the case, especially as more employers include noncompete agreements as conditions for employment.

FedEx in the hot seat after firing driver

Most people in Brentwood are familiar with Federal Express Corporation, or at least what it is commonly known as, FedEx. With its literal global coverage of deliveries, it is not that uncommon to see FedEx delivery trucks out on Brentwood's streets. Even though it is an international corporation, there are a number of people on Long Island who work for the company.

Age discrimination lawsuits can be tricky

Though many of the stories that we have covered are about workplace discrimination, many people don't think about discriminating against people over 40 years old. Age discrimination is, unfortunately, just another example of employers violating their employees' rights. Any worker, younger than or 40 and older should be judged on their ability to do a job, not on whether they are close to retirement, whether they will accept less pay for the same work, or even if they are more or less likely to incur health care coverage. Sadly, that is not always the case.

Wall Street, the financial meltdown and employment retaliation

The actions of a number of bankers, traders and other executives on Wall Street likely contributed to the economic downturn that occurred in 2008. At least three individuals who tried to blow the whistle on the illegal practices of banks and other financers ended up being either fired or leaving their jobs - rather than be awarded for doing the right thing.

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