Providing Individualized Solutions For Complicated Legal Matters

Enduring discrimination in the workplace can leave you stressed and overwhelmed. Your future may seem uncertain and your financial stability may be at risk.

At Kessler Matura P.C. , we represent employees throughout Long Island, the greater New York metropolitan area and nationally. We give your legal matter the individualized attention it deserves. We tailor our strategy to your situation to effectively advocate for your rights.

Working As A Team To Benefit Your Case

Our team comprises experienced attorneys working in employment law. We often work together as a team. Applying different experiences and perspectives, we build a winning strategy for you.

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Personalized Solutions

Unlike other firms, at Kessler Matura P.C. , you will always work one-on-one with a lawyer. We understand the sensitivity of your legal issue and will provide a solution that fits your situation.

Advocating For The Rights Of Workers

We have decades of experience in pursuing the rights of employees across New York and the United States. Whether you were wrongfully fired, suffered workplace discrimination or were not paid what you were due, we can hold your employer accountable. We only represent employees, never employers, so there’s never a conflict of interest.

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