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July 2016 Archives

'I didn't realize' is not an excuse to violate overtime pay law

There have been many changes regarding overtime pay in the United States recently. More workers are eligible for earning overtime pay. This should put employers in the position of more closely examining wage and hour laws within their companies. 

Banker to be reinstated after wrongful termination

A German bank will have to reinstate a banker who was terminated following the request of a New York regulator. Commerzbank AG let the banker go as part of settlement for $1.45 billion with United States authorities following a lost appeal to a court in Frankfurt.

Do protections exist for workers with severe food allergies?

Anyone who has young children in school is probably extremely aware that food allergies are common; food allergies are on the rise. Just as more and more kiddos seem to be allergic to food such as peanuts, there are more workers within the workforce that suffer from serious food allergies. 

Brooklyn community board firing claimed as retaliation

Borough President Eric Adams is facing claims that he retaliated against a community board chair after the chair accused him of firing a 66-year-old district manager on the ground that she was too old. The community board chair claims that he was intentionally not reappointed to the position he had held for nearly 20 consecutive years because of the matter.

Supreme Court's home care ruling could mean better caregiving

Take a look around you during your time off sometime. That person sitting next to you at the movie possibly works a very different gig than you do. Maybe he or she puts in 40 hours or more a week, but their job's classification provides them with fewer employee rights than your job provides you. 

Former Fox anchor speaks out about harassment

A former anchor for network giant Fox News has begun to speak publicly about her accusations of sexual harassment in the workplace. Having freshly filed a lawsuit of sexual harassment against her former employer, Roger Ailes, Ms. Gretchen Carlson claims that Mr. Ailes made some sexual advances toward her and then subsequently had her fired after she began to complain about sexual harassment throughout the network's workplace.

Workplace harassment myths that prevent people from filing claims

Being sexually harassed on the job or working in a hostile work environment can make a person feel extremely isolated, embarrassed and scared. Unfortunately, offenders often rely on these emotions and even try to enhance them in an effort to try and keep an employee from filing a complaint.

4 ways your job could change in light of new overtime rules

A couple months ago, we wrote a blog informing readers of the changes coming to the federal overtime rule. In that post, which can be read in full here, we mentioned the fact that a significant number of New York employees could start seeing a healthy increase in their checks if they are among those affected by the new overtime pay threshold.

When jury duty calls, can I be punished for missing work?

There are two types of people in the world: those who get a little thrill at the idea of serving on a jury and those who roll their eyes and shiver at the thought. Whichever camp you are in, if you have a job, everyone probably has the same initial concern: "What about my job? Can I miss work for this?"

Women in construction and workplace discrimination, pt. 2

Our last post shared concerning data about women in the construction industry. Women now have the equal opportunity to join the blue-collared workforce. Sadly, it sounds as though who choose to do so do at the real threat of being the victims of discrimination at the workplace.

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