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Is it okay to be discriminated because of my age at work?

Does your age make you stand out at your place of work? Maybe you feel like the baby in the office. Maybe you feel like the grandparent in the office. It is one thing for you to personally know that you are unique because of your age in your place of work; it is another thing if you are targeted professionally because of your age.

There is a danger to keeping harassment cases a secret

The serious matter of sexual harassment in the workplace has made national headline news recently because of allegations within the Fox News organization. A female employee from the network accuses a former chief executive of sexual harassment. And apparently -- as well as surprisingly -- other women who have worked with the network had similar claims. 

How common is gender discrimination and sexual harassment in the ad industry?

The TV show "Mad Men" painted many pictures of the advertising industry in the 1960s. One of these pictures was that this industry was a very tough place for women workers during this period. Unfortunately, a recent survey by the American Association of Advertising Agencies indicates that women working in the advertising industry being subjected to inappropriate and unfair conduct in the workplace is not something that is a relic of the past, but rather something many current female advertising workers have faced. 

Do you understand new overtime rule in relation to your pay?

In some cases, a worker will take a job, put in their hours and deposit their paycheck without putting a whole lot of thorough thought behind the laws that govern their pay. Wage and hour laws can be confusing -- especially when they evolve over the course of one's lifetime. 

NY worker claims his religion got him fired in complex case

When it comes to protected classes under employment laws in the United States, religion is most definitely at the top of the protected list. No one should be harassed, mistreated or fired because of his or her religious beliefs. It is wrong, and it is against the law. 

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