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June 2013 Archives

Female police officer claims sexual harassment drove her to drink

A female member of the New York Police Department has filed a sexual harassment suit against her supervisor alleging he made suggestive remarks about her body and touched her inappropriately. A subsequent psychiatric exam concluded the stress caused by the incidents drove the defendant to excessive use of alcohol.

Wage and Hour Disputes across Country Out of Hand

A former Department of Labor representative told a group at a New York University law symposium that companies across the country are denying their workers overtime pay and in some cases, the minimum wage. According to the New York Labor Department, efforts to investigate wage and hour disputes have increased, especially among non-unionized companies. These entities reportedly have violated wage and hour disputes in industries characterized by exploitation of undocumented workers.

Employer retaliation: A new form of workplace discrimination?

As more and more global recruitments are taking place for the importation of international workers, new forms of workplace discrimination are emerging. One of these concerns protection for a worker who has been a victim of retaliation from an employer.

Pre-employment medical exams: A new way to discriminate?

Although the Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act was introduced into law in 2006, it has recently resurfaced into the public eye. The law was designed to protect potential employees from an invasion of medical privacy; however the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has recently announced that two separate companies have been slapped with lawsuits claiming they conducted pre-employment medical exams that were illegal.

Kingston Hotels Accused of violating State Wage Laws

The Worker Justice Center of Kingston is looking into claims that workers at The Quality Inn and Superlodge Hotels in Ulster County, New York are being subjected to unfair labor practices. These charges include failure to pay minimum wage, keeping tips left in rooms intended for the housekeeper and refusal to provide payroll information in the employee's native language. The Worker Justice Center has filed a lawsuit stating these allegations have been going on for more than ten years and are in blatant violation of New York Labor Laws.

Exxon shows lack of support for gays, lesbians

The term Equal Opportunity does not appear in the Exxon Employment Bill of Rights. The corporate giant maintains a determined stance to oppose hiring gays and lesbians in the workplace. Next week, Exxon will once again have the issue on its shareholder ballet. This makes the 14th year in a row it has appeared there.

New York governor clarifies his plan on Woman's Equality Act

In a statement released on Tuesday, New York Governor Mario Cuomo outlined an expansion of the Women's Equality Act, a bill he emphasized is not new, but rather, a revitalized, robust repackaging of a former bill.

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