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May 2013 Archives

Criminal convictions no longer bar to employment

In a huge step forward, New York's attorney general has announced an agreement that outlaws the automatic disqualification of a job candidate owing to a criminal conviction history. The historic agreement with industry giant Quest Diagnostics spells out an end to this form of employment discrimination that has made meaningless the rehabilitative efforts of many hundreds who have worked hard to show they are fit to reenter the workplace.

Retail CEO reveals cancer diagnosis, terminated only months later

Going though cancer treatment is no easy task, which is why its not uncommon for friends and family of cancer patients to provide all the support and encouragement they can. However, that's not the treatment one company executive received after telling colleagues she was undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Shortly after making the announcement, the board for retailer Tuesday Morning -- which has locations in New York -- terminated the CEO.

Sexual harassment claims rock the New York Assembly

When people are elected to act as civil servants, the public expects them to behave in a respectful and honorable way. Unfortunately, however, a major sexual harassment claim involving a New York Assembly member is a reminder of how inappropriate behavior can impact the halls of governance.

Interns face setback in New York wage, hour lawsuit

In a competitive job market, there are literally thousands of qualified individuals looking for work -- many of whom are in the same field. This is especially true in a place like New York. As newly minted college graduates look to gain professional experience, they may have to take an unpaid internship in order to build a resume that competes with other job applicants.

New York fines employer for criminal history discrimination

In a competitive job market, it may seem like employers look for any reason to weed out job candidates. Though this may be a convenient way to sort through job applicants, the process must be done in accord with New York and federal employment laws. These statutes prevent employers from discriminating against employees and job applicants.

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