Bakery worker files suit for unlawful termination

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A 25-year-old woman who worked at a New York bakery has filed a lawsuit against her former employer after she was fired. According to the suit, she was wrongfully terminated from her position because she was pregnant. The woman worked at a local bakery on New York City’s Upper East Side. When she discovered she was pregnant she did not want it to be public knowledge and told no one at work. Another employee confronted her about it and she denied it. Her employer asked her if it was true while other employees were present. One week after this confrontation the woman was fired from her position.

The owner said he fired her because she missed work on two occasions. The woman said that she had asked ahead of time not to be assigned for work on those days because she had appointments with her doctor. The owner, when asked, said that he could not tolerate someone taking off work because they were nauseous and vomiting. Yet, he confirmed his belief that pregnancy is not an insult or a problem.

The woman is due to give birth in September, and she has accepted a new position at the hospital where she will deliver. Her brief states that her two days off work were requested and appropriate, and she was never absent at any other time. The woman states the employer made it clear to her when she was dismissed that she was a good employee.

Federal, state and city laws protect New York City workers from certain types of discrimination. Wrongful termination as a result of protected conditions may be prohibited, and an employment law attorney can help a client in such a circumstance pursue compensation.

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