Kingston Hotels Accused of violating State Wage Laws

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The Worker Justice Center of Kingston is looking into claims that workers at The Quality Inn and Superlodge Hotels in Ulster County, New York are being subjected to unfair labor practices. These charges include failure to pay minimum wage, keeping tips left in rooms intended for the housekeeper and refusal to provide payroll information in the employee’s native language. The Worker Justice Center has filed a lawsuit stating these allegations have been going on for more than ten years and are in blatant violation of New York Labor Laws.

The class action lawsuit was filed in the Northern District of New York and the Justice Center is requesting the allowance of additional individuals to the proceedings.

According to allegations, the hotel owners have been paying laundry and housekeeping staff as low as $5 an hour, well below the minimum wage of $7.25 currently in effect in the state of New York. They also allege hotel managers refused to allow overtime pay. The co-executive director for the Worker Justice Center of Kingston claims over a dozen workers have come forth with complaints dating back to 1998. He also states hotel managers went into hotel rooms and confiscated tips intended for the housekeeping staff.

The lawsuit states the two hotels allegedly informed their employees that if they were in disagreement of the labor practices at the workplace, they should seek employment elsewhere.

Spokespersons for the Worker Justice Center has expressed shock by the scope and depth of the minimum wage violations.

If you or someone you know suspects an employer is in violation of fair labor practices, it is recommended you seek legal advice from an attorney specializing in wage and hour claims. These individuals can provide critical information to you regarding employee rights and what to do to protect yourself from unfair labor practices.

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