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Sexual Harassment Archives

Understanding and addressing work-related sexual harassment

New York residents may recognize that sexual harassment is a serious issue, but dealing with problems such as offensive jokes or requests for sexual favors may result in a hostile work environment. It is important to understand what sexual harassment is and how to deal with unwanted conduct based on gender-related discriminatory behavoirs. Actions may be considered as sexual discrimination if they are used to make employment decisions related to hiring, raises or promotions. In addition, activities that create a hostile or offensive setting at work may also be considered as sexual harassment.

Technical glitch results in lawsuit dismissal

A legal mistake by a plaintiff's former lawyer resulted in the dismissal of a lawsuit for sexual discrimination against the New York City Department of Education. The lawsuit charged a male assistant principal with making inappropriate sexual references that embarrassed the plaintiff to the point where she took leave and eventually resigned. She claimed the harassment was so obvious that even students noticed it. She later returned to work but was given too many classes and felt overwhelmed with work. However, the judge ruled that her former lawyer did not file a required notice with the Department before filing the sexual harassment lawsuit.

Engineering executive at Yahoo accused of sexual harassment

Working women in New York may be aware that they could face challenges in the workplace that are not as common for their male counterparts to experience. In the male-dominated technology industry of Northern California, there have been multiple allegations made recently by female employees against higher-ranking male executives for sexual harassment and improper workplace conduct. One story to recently make headlines serves as a reminder that there is no set rule as to who can become the victim of sexual harassment or who can be subject to a sexual harassment lawsuit.

Dating app Tinder sued for sexual harassment

New York residents may be interested to learn about a sexual harassment lawsuit that is being filed against the dating app Tinder. A former executive for the company has claimed that she was called derogatory names and forced to work in a 'frat-like" atmosphere before being stripped of her title as co-founder and forced to leave. She has also claimed that she received differing treatment due to gender when she was told that she lost her co-founder title for being a 'young female."

Reporting sexual harassment: the first step in getting it to stop

Our blog has frequently covered issues of sexual harassment in the workplace and the various legal steps that an employee can take if he or she experiences harassment. Many people may be afraid to report sexual harassment, thinking that they might lose their jobs or that things will only get worse if they do. If either of these do come to pass after reporting unwanted touching or some other kind of sexual harassment, a New York City worker can file an employment lawsuit, as it is illegal to take retaliation on an employee exercising his or her rights.

71-year-old files sexual harassment lawsuit against boss, MTA

When most New Yorkers think about workplace sexual harassment, they think of attractive young women being touched or harassed by much older, male bosses. While there certainly are women being harassed in situations such as those, any type of sexual advance or harassment by any kind of colleague and against any type of person can be considered sexual harassment. This means that men can be victims, older people can be victims, and so on.

New York's new sexual harassment law doesn't quite do enough

It almost seems as if internships are now a prerequisite to getting a career. While there are a number of people in Queens who are searching for these coveted internships, even if they are unpaid, they may not realize that interns often don't have the same sorts of protections that an actual employee has. It is more than just pay, but even something as basic as protection against sexual harassment and workplace discrimination. Though Mayor Bill de Blasio just signed a bill that would protect interns against sexual harassment, there are several things missing from this new law.

NY City Council protects unpaid workers from sexual harassment

Last week, the New York City Council voted in favor of granting greater workplace protections to workers who are not paid for their services. The vote is a major win for the city's interns, who frequently work only for class credit or nothing at all. The bill offers these employees the right to file a claim for sexual harassment that has occurred in the workplace.

Anita Hill is still relevant 23 years later

When many people in New York City think of Anita Hill, they think of a woman sitting in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee answering personal questions about her relationship with her former boss, Clarence Thomas. It is relatively rare for someone's work relationship to be broadcast so publically, but Thomas was up for an open seat on the Supreme Court of the United States. Before his nomination could be confirmed by the Senate, however, the senators wanted to hear Hill's testimony.

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