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Simple rules for managing office romances

With wedding season beginning in our region of the country, invariably co-workers will be invited to a couple's special day. Also, it may be that the wedding involves people who met and fell in love as coworkers. When you consider how much time we actually spend at work, it is a wonder that more people who work together don't end up as spouses. After all, the terms "work wife" or "work husband" were not created in a vacuum.

A closer look at what the law has to say about sexual harassment

While most people start their workday thinking about what they need to get done, the meetings they must attend and the people with whom they must speak, there are others who start their workday thinking about nothing more than whether they will be left alone for the next eight hours.

Time to think about what waitresses actually deal with

The CBS sitcom "Two Broke Girls" depicts the plight of two young waitresses and their various adventures as they go through life. However, like many TV sitcoms, the real life exploits of a waitress are not so funny or glamorous. In fact, waitresses may have more to deal with than most people know beside collecting tips.

The relationship between arbitration agreements & sex harassment

Most people think of sexual harassment and gender discrimination as two separate, unrelated offenses. For some purposes, they are separate. But in most workplaces, Sexual harassment includes gender discrimination and vice versa. An office culture that condones either behavior likely condones both.

Documentation can be a key piece of your sexual harassment case

Sexual harassment is not something any employee is usually prepared to deal with. Most of us go into the office daily with ambitions of getting our work done, building relationships with coworkers and progressing the mission of our company as well as our own career objectives. When sexual harassment enters that mix, all of those ambitions can suffer as you struggle with the stress of having to deal with ongoing harassment.

Civil Rights Bureau offers resources for sexual harassment victims

Thankfully in this day and age, there is a lot of awareness about sexual harassment in the workplace. That is not to say that individuals are not still scared or intimidated to confront this harassment, but at least it is a topic that is on the minds of those who run our state. The Office of the NYS Attorney General Civil Rights Bureau has outlined a lot of resources for anyone who needs support with this matter, including various hotlines and a way to contact advocates.

Man files harassment suit against supervisor, New York school district

We often hear about sexual harassment cases in the workplace where women are the victims. While those may be the stories we hear the most about, it’s important to remember that sexual harassment can affect both males and females. While it may be harder for a man to come out and admit he is being harassed by a woman in the workplace, this type of courage often helps others speak out about the harassment they face as well.

Settlement reached in Smithtown sexual harassment case

Sexual harassment is a topic that many individuals worry talking about. In many cases, those who are victims of this kind of harassment in the workplace often do not tell anyone because of a fear of being fired or of being retaliated against. Sexual harassment is also sometimes hard to pinpoint because it's not always blatant sexual touching or requests for sex. Sometimes it's something as simple as ongoing sexually explicit emails or inappropriate jokes in the workplace.

Women keep quiet about sexual harassment in restaurant industry

While we often hear about sexism in various science and tech industries, some may not realize that sexism is a true problem in the restaurant industry in New York and across the country. The industry is known to be male-dominated and culinary students often look up to “bad boy” chefs. The dominant and sometimes brutal behavior of these head chefs has led to a culture of aggressive and abusive males in the industry, according to one restaurateur.

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