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Surveys of black STEM workers indicate frequent discrimination

The racial background of people employed in science, technical, engineering or math fields in New York influences their perception of discrimination and diversity in the workplace. A report from the Pew Research Center found that black workers reported experiencing discrimination at work at greater rates than Hispanics, Asians or whites.

Identifying racism at work

Employees in New York and throughout the nation could face many different forms of discrimination. For example, they could be threatened with bodily harm or hear language that is offensive to someone of their race. However, because the law generally protects workers from overtly racist policies, racism in the workplace is often more subtle. In many cases, racism shows itself in the hiring and promotion policies that a company has.

Reports indicate racism problems at Tesla factory

Racism can be a major problem for workers at Tesla according to a new report in the New York Times. The report looked into working conditions at the electric vehicle manufacturer's factory in Fremont, California. Journalists spoke with over 20 current or former Tesla employees, and black workers repeatedly spoke about incidents of racial discrimination and harassment on the job. Among other issues, the black workers said they had been denied promotions, unfairly assigned to menial tasks, taunted with racist language and witnessed swastikas drawn in bathrooms at the facility.

L'Oréal accused of racism in lawsuit by former employee

L'Oréal is a familiar name to consumers in New York, and a woman who worked at the company as a marketing vice president alleges that her employer subjected her to racial discrimination and a hostile work environment. According to her lawsuit, a male executive watched pornography on his phone during a work meeting, and business trips included sex parties at luxury hotels. She described upper management as hostile to her rights as an African American.

Former airline employee files race discrimination lawsuit

A former employee of Southwest Airlines has filed a lawsuit against the company for race discrimination, alleging in part that his coworkers were allowed to establish a whites-only break room. New York employees might be interested in the details of the case, which was filed in a federal court in Houston. The complaint alleges that black employees were subjected to extreme race discrimination by the airline.

Lack of diversity leads to major JP Morgan settlement

A lack of diversity amid charges of outright racial discrimination continues to haunt the financial industry as well as others in the New York City area. Following similar settlements by Merrill Lynch in 2013 and Wells Fargo in 2016, JP Morgan agreed to a payout of $24 million in response to an allegation that black financial advisors were treated differently than their white counterparts. JP Morgan admitted no liability in announcing the settlement, which brings to conclusion a potential class-action lawsuit.

Employee sues retailer for discrimination

People in Long Island who are subject to discrimination on the basis of race at work might be able to file a lawsuit against their company. This was the case for an employee of the sports merchandise retailer Fanatics based in Jacksonville, Florida. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has filed a lawsuit on the man's behalf.

Former bartender sues New York restaurant for race discrimination

According to a lawsuit filed on behalf of a former employee of Red Rooster, the fine-dining location in Harlem discriminated against black men. The plaintiff began employment as a porter in 2014 and earned a promotion to bartender in 2016. He said that he usually represented the only member of his race among the ranks of bartenders at the restaurant where he believes that management wanted to avoid placing black people in that position.

One-third of complaints to EEOC involve race discrimination

The report for fiscal year 2017 published by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission shows the extent of discrimination throughout American workplaces. People who feel they have been mistreated on the job in New York due to their race may be interested to know that 33.9 percent of the complaints sent to the commission regarded race discrimination.

Black STEM employees report more workplace discrimination

Black employees working in STEM fields in New York and around the country are more likely to report on-the-job discrimination than STEM employees of other ethnic groups and races, according to a study. STEM fields include jobs in science, technology, engineering and math.

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