Reasons to stay put when facing workplace discrimination

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2023 | Employee Rights

Facing workplace discrimination can be an emotionally taxing and challenging experience. You may want to quit your job out of sheer frustration and look for another more conducive work environment. However, resigning in the heat of the moment may not be a good move.

Here’s why staying put can be more advantageous in the long run, despite the difficulties occasioned by workplace discrimination.

It’s easier to build your case from within the organization

You may feel that leaving the toxic environment is the best solution, but staying on the job can provide opportunities to build a stronger case against discrimination. 

Remember, any form of workplace discrimination is prohibited, and you may have a valid claim against your employer. You could be entitled to damages like missed wages and the emotional distress you endured.

Documenting discriminatory incidents, gathering witness accounts and having firsthand experience can help build your case. It’s easier to collect evidence and demonstrate a pattern of discrimination while still part of the organization.

Additionally, fellow employees will not regard or treat you as an outsider if you stay put. The solidarity with your colleagues can even encourage others to come forward. Lastly, you may be unable to utilize internal resources such as HR or company policies if you quit. Staying allows you to follow these protocols, potentially leading to investigations and corrective actions.

Navigating workplace discrimination is complex, and legal guidance can offer insights into the specific laws and protections available to you. It can also help strategize the collection of evidence and guide you through formal complaint procedures and the potential outcomes of the various actions you might take.


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