Employers not making progress to reduce gender discrimination

On Behalf of | May 29, 2018 | Gender Discrimination

Many New York employees are aware of the #MeToo movement and may have seen demands for equality within their own workplace. However, even with the hype surrounding the #MeToo movement, gender discrimination is still prevalent. A recent poll showed that since 1999, there have been no major improvements when it comes to gender inequality in the workplace.

According to the poll, half of the surveyed women said that they had personally experienced gender discrimination. Many of the people who were polled also said that they did not notice any major changes within their own workplace. Half of the polled group also said that men do not give women equal treatment in the workplace. Furthermore, 61 percent of the polled group said that women do not even treat women equally. It was suggested that this may come from the fact that in the media and in entertainment, women are often pitted against each other instead of working together to make improvements.

The results of the poll did show that approximately half of the women who were polled said they earned a higher income than their husbands. The poll also showed that more women were making gains being hired in industries that have traditionally been dominated by men, including the software industry and trucking.

Gender discrimination in the workplace can prevent employees from moving up in the company or being as productive as possible. If an employee has evidence that he or she is experiencing gender or sex discrimination and it is preventing him or her from being able to climb the career latter, an employee rights attorney might help. The attorney may be able to find proof that the employer failed to resolve issues surrounding gender discrimination in the workplace.

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