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Many employees believe that they have rights that the law simply does not recognize. Do you fall in that category? You may if you believe that you think their are laws protecting you in any of the below situations.

— You believe you were wrongfully terminated. That’s pretty rare in an at-will state like New York, where you can be fired for any reason or no reason, except for those that fall into established discrimination categories.

— You believe that you’re entitled to see and copy your personnel file. Good luck with that. Human Resources departments normally don’t have to provide personnel records except when subpoenaed in court.

— You believe that you’re entitled to a break. Not even for meals or bathroom breaks, according to federal laws. Some states require work breaks, but not all.

— You believe you’re entitled to freely exercise your First Amendment rights and continue working for your employer. Say what you will but be prepared for some swift employment backlash if your boss or company disagrees.

— You think that you’re working in a hostile environment. Is it hostile due to age, race, religion, sex, disability, color, national origin, whistleblowing or your taking advantage of the Family and Medical Leave Act? If so, you may have a case. Otherwise, no dice.

— You think that your boss invaded your privacy. Did he or she read your work emails or monitor sites you visited online while working? Too bad; all legal.

As you can see, there are many misconceptions floating around out there about employee rights. If you’re confused and still wondering if you have a case, speaking to an employment law attorney can reassure you.

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