Former professor says he was fired due to age

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A former professor at Long Island University filed an age discrimination complaint with the Division of Human Rights after he was terminated from his long-held position. The 87-year-old man claims that he and two other elderly professors were fired by LIU without explanation. All three professors were not informed that they were being let go by the university until they had arrived on campus to start a new term in January 2014.

The three former professors at LIU taught at the College of Education, Information and Technology and the C.W. Post campus. According to the plaintiff in the age discrimination claim, the younger professors were allowed to keep their jobs even though he and the two other former professors had the most seniority. The plaintiff also claims that he had excellent reports and reviews, and the school never told him why he was being fired.

LIU has refused to make any specific statements about the case except that the allegation of age discrimination is unfounded. The university would not confirm the number of staff members that were fired, but a spokesperson did say that several positions at the university were no longer considered relevant in modern higher education.

People who believe they have been discriminated in the workplace due to their age might want to speak with an attorney. A legal professional might possibly conduct an investigation to determine whether there were any other workers who suffered the same treatment. If there is evidence that a pattern of age discrimination exists, this information may help to strengthen an individual’s employee discrimination claim.

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