Former employee settles discrimination case against CNN

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2014 | Workplace Discrimination

Employees in New York may be interested in the story about a 33-year-old former CNN employee who settled a $60 million discrimination suit against the company. The plaintiff had claimed that he was harassed and bullied after it became known that he was a homosexual. According to the suit, the employee was admonished for wearing bright track suits and other clothing that was considered too flamboyant after revealing that he was gay.

One anchor even claimed that a blue track suit was too distracting and offered him $100 to buy more subdued clothing. The plaintiff had alleged that prior to revealing his sexuality, there were no issues with his clothing on the job. In addition, several employees at the company said that he was one of the best dressed people there. The man worked as a microphone technician with the company until being terminated in June 2013 and has been unemployed since.

Since being terminated, he claims to have been looking for work in the airline industry, and that he has been seeking therapy for stress caused by the alleged bullying. A spokesman for the defendant did not have anything to say when asked for comment on the case. There was no information given regarding specific terms of the settlement.

An employer is generally not allowed to discriminate against an employee due to his or her sexual orientation. If such discrimination occurs, the employee may be able to file a lawsuit seeking compensation. It may also be possible to seek reinstatement as well as money for lost wages due to wrongful termination. An employment law attorney may be able to help anyone who feels that he or she has been illegally harassed or bullied while on the job.

Source: Daily News, “EXCLUSIVE: Ex-CNN editor who claimed to have been fired because he’s gay, worn bright track suits settles suit“, John Marzulli, October 03, 2014

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