Sexual harassment charges filed against former Bronx boss

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A young woman employed by a non-profit agency in the Bronx filed sexual harassment charges against her boss after she was fired from the agency. The woman states she was let go since she refused to accept sexual advances by her male supervisor on numerous occasions. She named one particularly unpleasant incident in which he told her the pet name for his male member and then asked her to touch it. The woman was later dismissed. She later claimed she worked in an atmosphere of fear since the supervisor threatened to kill her if she complained or reported his lascivious actions.

The 52-year-old claimant is suing for sexual harassment and discrimination, expressing fear due to the lewd actions, but also because of the death threats. The claimant suffered numerous harassment incidents from 2007 to 2012, but was too afraid to report them.

The woman claims her male coworker constantly annoyed her in efforts to obtain personal sexual information from her. When he found out she was a lesbian, the situation intensified. Forever boasting of the beast that lay in wait in his pants, he was hoping to convert her to heterosexuality.

Police records indicate that the man had indeed been imprisoned for murder in 1984 and released on parole in 2006. Efforts to reach him for comments were unsuccessful. The woman continues to assert she was let go from her job in 2012 after repeatedly complaining to her management. Administrators could not be reached for comment Thursday.

The victim claims she was fired in 2012 in retaliation after she complained to higher-ups. Her lawsuit names her place of employment for refusal to do anything to prevent the lewd behavior, as well as a sister company, and other bosses who did nothing to prevent the harassment. She is seeking damages and back wages.

All employees should feel safe at their place of employment. Instead of a peaceful environment, the workplace is frequently a place of hurtful and harmful environment of sexual tension and degradation. Employment laws are carefully designed to protect this type of intimidation so that women and men feel safe. Sexual harassment can take many shapes and forms, from inappropriate words or comments to keeping sexually explicit material around the workplace or crude conversations overheard by female staff. If you feel you are subjected to this type of workplace, you should investigate getting some advice on what is acceptable at the job and what is considered sexual harassment. The place of work should provide an equally safe and comfortable arena for all.

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