Cabo Fresh – Unpaid Wages

Kessler Matura P.C. has filed a class and collective action lawsuit on behalf of current and former Assistant General Managers (“AGMs”) working for Cabo Fresh – California Mexican Grill. This lawsuit seeks to recover back wages and related damages for all misclassified AGMs employed in New York since November 2016.

Our complaint alleges that Cabo Fresh denied overtime pay to AGMs by misclassifying them as exempt from federal and state overtime laws. Because of this misclassification, Cabo Fresh also failed to pay AGMs spread-of-hours pay. On behalf of these AGMs, we are seeking back wages, liquidated damages, and other damages under the Fair Labor Standards Act and New York State Labor Law.

Click here to view a copy of the complaint.

If you worked as an AGM for Cabo Fresh at any time since November 2016, and you wish to join this case, or otherwise have any questions regarding this matter, please contact Troy L. Kessler or Jocelyn Small.