Committed To Protecting The Rights Of Employees

A dispute with your employer can be a harrowing experience. Your employment may be at risk and it can feel as though you are already at a disadvantage.

At Kessler Matura P.C. , we understand the fear and uncertainty that many employees experience when disagreeing with an employer. We fight to protect the rights of employees facing such a dispute.

Decades Of Collective Experience

With decades of combined experience and a wealth of diverse, knowledgeable legal backgrounds, our attorneys can bring a distinct advantage to your case.

We represent employees across numerous industries in a wide array of contentious disputes, including:

Both federal and state laws dictate employer behavior. When the actions of your employer lead to your termination, demotion, hostile work environment or more, we will hold your employer accountable for their unlawful actions.

Pursuing A Personalized Strategy To Explore Your Options

At Kessler Matura P.C. , we will give your employment issue the attention it deserves so that together we can personalize a strategy to reach your goals. We efficiently work toward achieving an optimal resolution for you, whether that includes recovering compensation, regaining your employment, or maintaining your employment without fear of further retaliation or more.

One-On-One Guidance From An Attorney

We realize the sensitivity of matters concerning your livelihood and career. At our law firm, you will always speak directly with an experienced attorney. After your issues are analyzed and a strategy developed, you and a knowledgeable attorney will work together to reach your goals.

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We represent employees on Long Island, the greater New York metro and throughout the United States. We never represent employers.

Contact our employment law firm to learn how we can assist in a dispute with your employer. Schedule a free consultation by calling us at 888-831-8615 or by emailing us.

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