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You suffered discrimination or sexual harassment and you made a complaint. Soon after, you receive a reprimand for something you didn’t do or that you feel is unfair, you get a poor performance review or you are passed over for promotion. Your employer may even fire you.

These are all potential signs of employer retaliation. They are all illegal.

At Kessler Matura P.C. , our attorneys can help determine if you are the subject of retaliation. We can represent you in an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) complaint or in a lawsuit against your former employer seeking compensation for the loss of your job.

Years Of Experience Handling Unlawful Retaliation Claims

Our attorneys have years of experience in representing the victims of employer retaliation across Long Island, the greater New York City metro area and nationally. We know the signs and we know how to fight these cases. Your job is not just an income source; it helps define who you are.

When standing up for your rights leads to termination or other negative actions, your employer is engaging in illegal behavior.

Types Of Adverse Actions

Your employer may take adverse actions against you because of a workplace complaint or because of a whistleblower incident, where you informed your employer or the government about illegal activity within the company. This behavior is illegal. We will hold your employer accountable for their actions.

Adverse actions involving employer retaliation may include:

  • Demotion
  • Refusal to promote
  • Unwarranted bad performance reviews
  • Denying pay raises or other benefits
  • Severe reduction in hours
  • Change in assignment to a less desirable job
  • Creating or allowing a hostile work environment because of the complaint
  • Firing

Employment laws allow employees to assert their rights after an employer has violated state or federal law. If you believe your employer has retaliated against you, speak with our lawyers to learn more about your rights.

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