Pancho Villa's Restaurants - Unpaid Overtime and Unlawful Tip Retention

Shulman Kessler LLP, announces that a class action has been conditionally certified on behalf of all current and former employees of Pancho Villa's of Huntington, Pancho Villa's of Hunting Station and Pancho Villa's of Glen Cove, alleging that the employees have been improperly denied overtime compensation.

The matter is pending in the United States District Court, Eastern District of New York, and has been assigned to the Hon. Sandra J. Feuerstein, U.S.D.J. and to the Hon. E. Thomas Boyle, U.S.M.J., under Docket Number 09CV486. Notices will be sent to all of the current and former employees of Pancho Villa's, advising them of their right to participate in the lawsuit.

The current and former employees of Pancho Villa's are seeking back pay, together with liquidated damages, as well as recovery of their improperly retained tips. The named Plaintiffs are seeking to represent all of the employees who have ever worked at Pancho Villa's, as either waiters, busboys, cooks or cleaners.

For further information regarding this matter, please contact Troy L. Kessler.