Kaufman Enterprises, LLC – Unpaid Overtime

Kessler Matura P.C. , has filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of current and former Assistant Store Managers employed by McDonald’s franchisee Kaufman Enterprises, LLC.

We allege that Kaufman Enterprises denied overtime and other pay to its Assistant Store Managers by misclassifying them as exempt from the overtime law. Kaufman Enterprises is a large McDonald’s franchisee that operates 16 McDonald’s on Long Island. The plaintiff claims that he and other Assistant Store Managers worked over 40 hours a week without overtime pay, despite spending most of their time performing the work of a hourly crew member. This lawsuit seeks to recover these unpaid wages, along with liquidated damages, owed to those Assistant Store Managers who worked over 40 hours a week at any time since March 2013.

Click here to view a copy of the complaint.

If you worked for Kaufman Enterprises between 2013 and the present, and you wish to join this case, or otherwise have any questions regarding this matter, please contact Troy L. Kessler or Garrett Kaske at office.