Pet Supplies Plus – Unpaid Wages and Expenses

Kessler Matura P.C. and co-counsel have filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of current and former Groomers working for Pet Supplies Plus. This lawsuit seeks to recover back wages and related damages for all Groomers employed in New York since October 2016.

Our complaint alleges that Pet Supplies Plus failed to pay Groomers for all their earned wages and forced them to bear the cost of doing business. Groomers were typically paid only commissions regardless of the number of hours they worked and whether their hourly rate exceeded the minimum required by New York law. Further, Groomers had to buy their grooming tools and pay to keep them working effectively. As a result, Groomers’ weekly wages regularly fell below the minimum wage rate for New York State.

Click here to view a copy of the complaint.

If you worked for Pet Supplies Plus at any time since October 2016, and you wish to join this case, or otherwise have any questions regarding this mater, please contact Troy L. Kessler or Garrett Kaske.