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Court says not hiring people with dreadlocks is permissable

New York employees who wear their hair in dreadlocks may have no legal recourse if they are discriminated against at work because of their hairstyle. A federal appeals court has ruled that an employer had not committed racial discrimination by refusing to hire a woman who would not cut off her dreadlocks.

Age discrimination an ongoing workplace problem

Older New York residents who are looking for work might find themselves struggling because of their age. The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 protects workers at or over 40 from discrimination, but an AARP study found that most older people believe age discrimination is still a problem in the workplace.

Example of ageism claim plays out in the news

Some of our recent posts have discussed the employment law matter of age discrimination in the workplace. A recent news story about a lawsuit against HP shows that ageism isn't just a topic of legal conversation; it plays out in reality for some workers in the country.

More about age discrimination in the workplace

Our previous post began a discussion about a specific type of workplace discrimination that you might not often hear about. Sexual harassment gets a lot of attention in the media and even through work training. But someone can be discriminated against because of their age (older age), too. 

Is it okay to be discriminated because of my age at work?

Does your age make you stand out at your place of work? Maybe you feel like the baby in the office. Maybe you feel like the grandparent in the office. It is one thing for you to personally know that you are unique because of your age in your place of work; it is another thing if you are targeted professionally because of your age.

Do protections exist for workers with severe food allergies?

Anyone who has young children in school is probably extremely aware that food allergies are common; food allergies are on the rise. Just as more and more kiddos seem to be allergic to food such as peanuts, there are more workers within the workforce that suffer from serious food allergies. 

Women in construction and workplace discrimination, pt. 1

It is the season of construction in New York City, a city that is already generally well-known for its ongoing, multiplying work zones. Community progress often means a need for new and/or improved buildings and streets. We need men -- and women -- to put in the construction work that ultimately makes this area great. 

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