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Why forced retirement may be flawed policy

While used sparingly these days, mandatory retirement ages can have negative consequences for New York employees or others impacted by them. In Pennsylvania, voters are going to decide whether to let judges serve to age 75 as opposed to the current limit of age 70. To some, a mandatory retirement age is borderline discrimination that wouldn't be tolerated if applied to any other characteristic of a worker.

New York employers may be impacted by court ruling

A federal district court has ruled that a Nevada school district violated the civil rights of a transgender man by not allowing him to use a male restroom. The district had required him to use unisex bathrooms, which were not always available. While some courts had ruled this to be an acceptable compromise, an attorney who wrote an amicus brief for the plaintiff said that there is no restroom exception in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Employment discrimination and criminal records

A New York resident seeking a new job typically wants to present the most positive information possible, and issues such as criminal history can be frustrating for individuals trying to make a fresh start. Concern about workplace discrimination against individuals with criminal records has led to many jurisdictions banning related questions on job applications. While the idea is that the lack of this information would potentially allow an affected applicant an unbiased review of qualifications, the reality is that employment decisions in this context could facilitate discrimination against other groups of individuals.

Women, minorities report discrimination in tech industry

Reports from women who work in the tech industry, and minority women in particular, indicate that racism and sexism continue to be a serious problem in New York and throughout the country. In 2015, only 11 percent of leadership positions in Silicon Valley were held by women while at tech giants like Facebook, Yahoo and Apple, African-Americans held 3 percent or fewer leadership positions. One woman reported being told to her face that black women could not succeed at this type of work.

Disability discrimination is a continuing problem

Disabled New Yorkers often face discrimination at work or while applying for a job. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, disability discrimination remains a problem of national scope. People who face workplace disability discrimination may have legal remedies available to them, however.

Court says not hiring people with dreadlocks is permissable

New York employees who wear their hair in dreadlocks may have no legal recourse if they are discriminated against at work because of their hairstyle. A federal appeals court has ruled that an employer had not committed racial discrimination by refusing to hire a woman who would not cut off her dreadlocks.

Age discrimination an ongoing workplace problem

Older New York residents who are looking for work might find themselves struggling because of their age. The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 protects workers at or over 40 from discrimination, but an AARP study found that most older people believe age discrimination is still a problem in the workplace.

Example of ageism claim plays out in the news

Some of our recent posts have discussed the employment law matter of age discrimination in the workplace. A recent news story about a lawsuit against HP shows that ageism isn't just a topic of legal conversation; it plays out in reality for some workers in the country.

More about age discrimination in the workplace

Our previous post began a discussion about a specific type of workplace discrimination that you might not often hear about. Sexual harassment gets a lot of attention in the media and even through work training. But someone can be discriminated against because of their age (older age), too. 

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