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Employers not making progress to reduce gender discrimination

Many New York employees are aware of the #MeToo movement and may have seen demands for equality within their own workplace. However, even with the hype surrounding the #MeToo movement, gender discrimination is still prevalent. A recent poll showed that since 1999, there have been no major improvements when it comes to gender inequality in the workplace.

New York latest city to pass sexual harassment reforms

New York City companies with 15 or more employees must now provide mandatory sexual harassment training. This is one of the larger impacts stemming from a package of 11 laws recently signed by the city's mayor. City agencies will also be required to report any harassment complaints as well as the outcomes of those cases. The new laws will ensure that every worker is covered by sexual harassment protections offered in the Human Right's Law as well.

Strategies that can help close the wage gap

Female workers in New York and throughout the country may be victims of the wage gap. Research has shown that this gap exists in almost all sectors of the economy, and both the domestic and global economies could be larger if it were eliminated. It is estimated that the American economy would grow by $512 billion according to data from the Institute for Women's Policy Research. The global economy could grow by $12 trillion if everyone were paid equally for equal work.

Gender discrimination may be higher in male-dominated jobs

Women in Long Island whose workplaces are male-dominated might be more likely to experience gender discrimination or sexual harassment than women in workplaces with an equal ratio of men and women or workplaces that are female-dominated. A 2017 study by Pew Research found that this was the case throughout the country.

2nd Circuit rules in Title VII case

According to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 does apply to discrimination cases based on sexual orientation. Rulings made by the 2nd Circuit apply to New York and surrounding states. The Trump administration had argued in 2017 that Title VII was not meant to apply to homosexuals in the workplace. The case in question involved a man who claimed that he was terminated after telling a client that he was gay.

Women overwhelming experience workplace discrimination

New York residents that work in computer-related jobs may be interested in learning that about 75 percent of woman reported experiencing workplace discrimination. According to the report, which was issued by the Pew Research Center, just 16 percent of men in the same industry experienced discrimination in the workplace.

Transgender woman awarded over $1 million in discrimination case

Long Island readers may hope that they never experience workplace gender discrimination. However, a lawsuit is sometimes necessary to ensure that a worker's rights are protected. For example, a transgender woman has recently been awarded $1.1 million after being denied promotion and tenure at Southeastern Oklahoma State University. The historic decision was handed down on Nov. 20.

Walmart faces legal action from female employees

New York residents may have heard stories about pay discrepancies between male and female workers. On Nov. 6, Female Walmart employees filed a lawsuit in a Florida federal court claiming that gender discrimination exists within the company's pay and promotion policies. The suit seeks back pay in addition to other financial damages. Furthermore, it seeks class action status, which may allow thousands of other workers to become part of this legal action.

EEOC applies sex discrimination law to help transgender workers

Transgender people working in New York might face challenges at work because of their gender identity choices. A growing body of legal cases supported by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has steered interpretation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 toward protecting transgender people under the existing law against sex discrimination.

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