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Technology companies accused of creating 'do not call' lists

Though there is more to work than pay, it is undeniable that pay and the possibility of getting a raise plays a role in people's employment decisions. Employers recognize this and will often offer their top employees more money if it looks like they might be considering leaving the company. If a Manhattan company wants to keep an employee, it will make sure that the employee's pay rate is, at the very least, comparable to other similar businesses.

Former waitress says boss didn't pay her overtime for long shifts

Except for those employees who are exempt from overtime, if someone works more than 40 hours in one week in New York, he or she is entitled to 1 1/2 times his or her normal wage for every hour worked over the 40-hour limit. The problem is, however, that many employers dispute how much an employee worked, whether he or she is exempt, or what the rate of overtime pay should be. If an employer refuses to pay an employee what he or she is due, the employer may have to defend against a wage and hour lawsuit in court.

Unpaid overtime wages settled with 3 Abercrombie managers

Abercrombie & Fitch Stores Inc. is a well-performing retailer that has claimed a significant portion of the clothing market. As such, its stores are often busy and its employees are expected to work long hours. Whenever an employee works over 40 hours per week, however, he or she is due overtime pay, which is a requirement under both federal and New York state laws. Should an employee be denied that pay, he or she may choose to file a wage and hour lawsuit against his or her employer.

President calls gender-based wage gap an 'embarrassment'

It is no surprise to many women in New York City that they often earn less than their male counterparts. The wage gap has been improving, but that doesn't yet mean that employers are paying women with the same experience and in the same roles as men the same wage. Unfortunately, this form of gender discrimination is a widespread problem.

Teachers and New York City officials appear close to agreement

A contract dispute between teachers and New York City officials appears to be close to a resolution.  There is hope that a formal agreement will be reached between the parties by the end of the school year.  Such an agreement could potentially extend the teacher contract until 2018.

McDonald's employees pay for uniform cleaning out of pocket

McDonald's workers in New York have filed a lawsuit against their franchise owners and against the corporation behind the franchises in an attempt to get the company to pay for the cost of cleaning their uniforms. It would be unhygenic, if not impossible, not to clean a uniform that is covered in grease, fat, salt and the smell of fast food, but the cost of doing so should not be borne by its underpaid employees, argue the workers. Their lawsuits are part of many other lawsuits filed against the fast-food giant regarding wage and hour laws.

Fair Play Act Signed by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

In January 2014, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the Commercial Goods Transportation Industry Fair Play Act. Under the new law, commercial delivery companies that currently classify their drivers as independent contractors must reclassify them as employees.

Federal Minimum Wage Standards Are Set to Apply to Home Aides Come 2015

A new regulation issued by the Obama Administration will extend minimum wage and overtime protections to home aides who care for disabled persons and older adults. Starting on January 1, 2015, all home aides will be covered under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) which requires employers to pay at least the Federal minimum wage and time-and-a-half overtime premium when certain employees work more than 40 hours in a week. Traditionally, the FLSA excluded Home Aides and babysitters from these protections. However, in New York, home aides were already required to be a paid minimum wage under the New York State Labor Law. The new overtime pay requirement under FLSA will be the added benefit to home aides in New York State who often work longer than traditional 40-hr work weeks.

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