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What can I do to collect unpaid or withheld wages?

When workers are not paid their wages, they can suffer serious financial consequences. Wages may not be forthcoming for a variety of reasons on the part of the employer, but some employers may not be aware that withholding wages and benefits that are due an employee is a misdemeanor.

New York becomes only the fourth state with a paid parental leave law

It may come as a surprise for most people to learn that the U.S. actually ranks as the only first-world country without any sort of mandatory paid family leave for parents. Indeed, the closet thing our nation has to a paid family leave mandate is the Family Medical and Leave Act, passed back in 1993.

The difference between exempt and nonexempt employees (PART 2)

Today we continue our discussion about the different classifications of jobs under the Fair Labor Standards Act. In our last post we discussed what it means to be a nonexempt employee. Basically, these are the employees that should be getting paid minimum wage and should be receiving overtime pay.

The difference between exempt and nonexempt employees (PART 1)

The way an employee is classified is very important to how he or she gets paid. You may trust that your employer has classified your job correctly, but it is always important to check. Without even knowing it, you may be entitled to overtime pay and may not be receiving it due to a wrong classification.

New York Jets reach settlement with cheerleaders over wages

As we discussed in our last post, many individuals dream of getting to work in a glamorous field such as the film industry or the music industry. While the lifestyle seems amazing and something to envy, many may not realize the true situation that some of these workers are in.

U.S. Department of Labor calls company's wage pool unlawful

New York City is a hotspot for some of the best restaurants in the world. There are many chefs and restaurant workers who flock to New York in hopes of securing a spot at one of these establishments. Servers and other workers in the industry rely highly on the tips they get every day. While each restaurant may have its own policies for how tips are received and processed, one business has found itself facing a lawsuit from the U.S. Department of Labor due to its tipping policies.

Protect your income by fighting against wage and hour violations

Many employees in New York work hard for their money in order to support their family month to month. While they are putting in long hours for low pay, they might not even realize that they may not be getting all the wages they deserve. It may only be months after being paid that an employee may realize that something is amiss.

Amazon Prime Now couriers sue for benefits

Amazon has done some pretty interesting things in terms of speedy delivery. Customers have been able to receive packages within two days with Amazon Prime for the longest time. Now, Amazon Prime Now kicks things into high gear, delivering packages in two hours. While this service is wonderful for those receiving their package, it appears that it may not be so wonderful for those actually delivering the packages.

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