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Sexual Harassment Archives

Do you know how to file a Title VII claim?

With any type of lawsuit, there is often a great deal of emotional tumult for the participants. Unless you are an attorney or judge or other administrative personnel associated with the operation of the courts or agencies with adjudicative type functions, the entire process will seem foreign and at times unintelligible.

Women face many challenges in the workplace

The difficulty with much discrimination in the workplace is that it is unconscious. Sure, there are shocking, blatant examples of women being forced to trade sexual favors for continued employment. And no one, expect perhaps the perpetrators, finds that acceptable or believes it should be permitted.

Yet another harassment case involving McDonald's

Harassment is never attractive. Another charge of harassment has been filed by 10 former employees of McDonald's, this time from Virginia. They claim that they were subjected to sexual and racial harassment and that they were fired or forced to quit because they were black.

American Apparel issues new code of ethics for workers

American Apparel has created a new, lengthier code of ethics for its employees after a drawn out battle that resulted in the company firing its founder and CEO, Dov Charney, for alleged sexual harassment and other charges. These new policies will affect workers in New York and across the country in American Apparel's many locations, including its subsidiaries.

American Apparel revises code of ethics

New York residents might be interested to learn that clothing manufacturer and retailor American Apparel has revised its code of ethics in an effort to prevent workplace sexual harassment. The company unveiled the new 6,200-word document on Jan. 6 after firing its chief executive and founder in December. Dov Charney, American Apparel's former CEO, was ousted after numerous allegations of sexual harassment.

Quid pro quo harassment in New York

A common type of sexual harassment that may occur in New York workplaces is called quid pro quo harassment. In this form of harassment, an employee's supervisor will make a promotion contingent upon the employee providing sexual favors. Conversely, the supervisor may threaten a negative employment action if the employee refuses sexual advances.

Verbal abuse in the workplace

An employee in New York may view bullying as a problem affecting young people, but for some, workplace abuse in the form of verbal bullying is a reality. According to a 2010 report by the U.S. Workforce Bullying Institute, more than one-third of employees across the country reported experiencing bullying in a work-related setting. Although such bullying can take many forms, verbal abuse is one of the most prevalent. Typically, employers have the responsibility for stopping and preventing such behavior.

What defines sexual harassment?

Workers in New York are protected by law from sexual harassment, and the state attorney general's office has released guidelines defining harassment and procedures for dealing with it. Sexual harassment is behavior that either creates a hostile work environment or ties an employee's advancement, raises or other conditions of employment to sexual conduct. It is prohibited by both federal and state law.

Confronting sexual harassment in New York restaurants

According to a report released on Oct. 7, 90 percent of all female workers who receive tips reported that they had been sexually harassed. The report was overseen by Restaurant Opportunities Center United, a group that says it is time to end the sub-minimum wage for restaurant workers. Currently, only seven states require tipped workers to be paid the same as workers who do not receive tips.

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