Can an employer legally force early retirement?

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2023 | Age Discrimination

Usually, retirement is a heartwarming affair that allows a worker to celebrate and reflect on the years spent at work with colleagues. However, things can turn sour if your employer forces you to retire early.

Whether it is a serious discussion or a built-in policy, it is illegal for an employer to force you to retire sooner than the state’s mandated retirement age. It is against your rights as an employee.

Some companies offer early retirement privileges, but you must use them voluntarily. Forcing or convincing you to retire is a form of discrimination punishable by law.

Below are other similar violations:

  • They track how soon you might retire to use as a basis for contract renewals.
  • Company policy indicates a retirement age that differs from the legally mandated standard.
  • They implement early retirement incentive programs that give fewer benefits to those who retire later.

Certain violations can seem more subtle than others. Still, you can consider them discrimination if they exhibit a difference in treatment based on age.

Other signs of age discrimination

Aside from retirement, this type of discrimination can appear in other ways, such as:

  • Hiring culture showing a preference for a particular age group
  • Shift and workload decisions based on age
  • Underhanded remarks and comments making fun of your age

If any above the above is occurring, you can begin the process by speaking to your company’s HR representative. They can provide clarity on the subject and your rights.

You can also take legal action against your employer if reaching out to HR doesn’t work or the issue continues.

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