Are you being paid appropriately?

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2022 | Wage And Hour Claims

You’re a loyal employee and you work as hard as you possibly can. Given these facts, it only seems right that you are paid a fair salary. Usually, this happens but it certainly isn’t always the case.

Employers could be making deductions that mean you are essentially working for free during certain periods. Such actions are commonly referred to as wage theft. Outlined below are some specific examples. 

Not receiving minimum wage

There is a Federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour but some states have implemented a higher minimum wage. New York is one of these states. Minimum wage requirements vary depending on the specific location of the company as well as its size. However, all rates are well above the Federal standard. If you are not receiving at least the relevant state minimum wage in your pay, then it’s likely that you’re a victim of wage theft. 

Unlawful deductions

For tax reasons, it may be lawful for your employer to make certain deductions from your wages. However, employers cannot make deductions for just any reason. For instance, if a customer has damaged an item of stock, the cost of replacing this cannot come from your wages. Damaged stock would count as a loss to the business. There is legislation in place that prevents wage deductions from happening on this basis.

As an employee, you have a host of rights at your disposal. If you need help asserting these rights, reach out to a legal advocate who can explain the law in greater detail and your protections as an employee.

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