Does New York allow employees to receive double overtime?

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Every state is different when it comes to overtime rules. In California, for example, workers in certain situations are paid double overtime. This is legally mandated for workers who go beyond 12 hours in a single day or who work overtime when their schedule puts them on-the-job for more than 7 consecutive days. As the name implies, it means that a worker gets paid double their normal wage for the extra hours.

But what about the state of New York? Let’s say an employee is transferred or moves to the home of the Empire State Building. Would that employee still be entitled to double overtime?

Double overtime in New York

Unfortunately, no. New York has not implemented a double overtime pay law. This is one example of why it’s so important to know about the employment laws and the wage-and-hour laws between the states.

The New York overtime laws, as with many other states, simply allow employees to collect time and a half for all hours worked beyond 40 in a workweek – even if they work over 12 hours in a day.

Doubts about your overtime pay

There are many stipulations around overtime pay – the when, who and where. In some cases, employers follow the rules and pay the overtime to those it applies. In other situations, employers will attempt to skirt the OT rules.

If you are questioning your overtime pay eligibility or have general questions about overtime pay mandates in New York, speaking with an employment law attorney is advised. Knowing your rights today can help you in the future.


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