Subtle age discrimination in New York

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Job skill and experience often come with age. An older worker often possesses insight into a specific job that a younger worker may have yet to master. Sadly, employers in different industries all across the state discriminate against older workers in many ways.

Management may simply feel a workers is “too old for the job” regardless of experience, skill or performance – and this erroneous mindset leads to demotions, lay-offs and even termination.

Age discrimination comes in many forms

Discrimination because of a person’s age is far from black and white. An employer doesn’t simply say “you’re fired because you’re too old.” Tactics they use are much more subtle – yet still illegal.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission points out that, for instance, rude comments about someone’s age can constitute discriminatory behavior. Such comments rooted in ageism often lead to something more sinister. Managers and/or co-workers who sneer about someone’s age could possibly bar that worker from promotional considerations or certain assignments.


It is not uncommon for employers to downsize labor at any given time, particularly in today’s economic climate. However, the pattern of workers who are laid-off may be a clue to possible age discrimination.  Is an entity mostly laying off older workers? Although entities may claim certain “departments” are affects that happen to employ older workers, this inconspicuous pattern is worth noting.

Unsure? Seek guidance from an attorney

There are so many nuances involved in employment law. Those who believe they have been a target of discrimination in their workplace, but are unsure, should consult with an experienced New York employment attorney who has knowledge in the rights of employees.


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