No pay increase for New York’s most valuable front line workers

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2021 | Wage And Hour Claims

Many workers in New York hoped for good news regarding a potential raise in the state’s latest budget, but the wage hike did not occur. It was a discomforting blow for many workers. Those in home health care would have benefited significantly from the increase. Many home health care workers nationwide are underpaid, working overtime hours and not getting paid overtime rates. 

One of the hardest working and most needed industries has the lowest pay

Lawyers and advocates are fighting for the wages of health care employees who work long hours, weekends, holidays, during lunch, during breaks and other times while off the clock. The Fair Pay for Home Care Act would have given a 112% pay hike to New Yorkers working in the home care industry. State lawmakers decided the bill would impose long-term burdens on the state, and the financial resources would be best used elsewhere. Low wages are a clear indicator of why home health positions remain vacant while the need for those workers remains high in New York and across the nation. 

Are you being paid what you are owed?

Wage and hour law attorneys understand how many home care workers counted on the wage increase that was left out of the New York state budget. If you worked in any of the following industries and were not paid overtime or not paid for work done off the clock, you may have a case for consideration:

  • Retail, restaurants and hotels
  • Home health care, ambulance driving and nursing aid
  • Security, construction and landscaping

You’re entitled to fair pay for honest work, and you don’t have to fear retaliation from your employer by filing a claim for overdue wages. Your legal team may answer your questions, keep you up to date and speak frankly to you about your claim.

Could you be a victim of wage theft?

Wage and hour law is complex, so discussing your concerns with an attorney who has experience in this practice area is a wise decision. You have a right to be paid what you earned, so you may want legal help to get what you deserve.


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