How to know if you’re a victim of wage theft

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According to federal law, employers in New York must pay you for every hour that you’ve worked. If your employer shorts you by any amount, whether it’s one hour or an entire shift, you might be able to file a claim. It’s important to keep track of your hours so you’ll know right away if you’re not being paid fairly.

How do you know if you’re a victim of wage theft?

If you suspect that your employer might not be compensating you for your time, take a moment to look at your past paychecks. Keep a record of the hours that you’ve worked and see if your paycheck matches up. Talk to your employer if you notice a discrepancy. It might be a simple filing error–if that’s the case, your employer will probably compensate you for the hours that you weren’t paid.

However, your attorney might deny any wrongdoing or claim that they had the right to short your hours. If that’s the case, you could hire an employment attorney who deals with unpaid wages & overtime claims. Your attorney might help you gather evidence that proves that you’re not being fairly compensated. If you’re successful, you might be able to pursue legal action against your employer.

Have you been a victim of wage theft?

Wage theft can take many forms. An employer might refuse to pay you for the hours you worked, pay you the standard wage for overtime hours or talk you into working “off the clock.” In any case, it’s illegal for an employer to pay you anything less than the amount stipulated by federal law. An attorney could help you pursue legal action so you can receive compensation for the payment that you didn’t receive. This could also reduce the likelihood of your employer committing wage theft in the future.

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