Employees claim gender bias against Riot Games

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2018 | Gender Discrimination

New York employees are generally entitled to a workplace where they are not treated differently based on their gender. According to a lawsuit against Riot Games, female workers were subjected to discrimination and sexual harassment because of that reason The lawsuit was filed by one current and one former employee, and it claims that the company violated the California Fair Pay Act.

According to one of the plaintiffs, the company has a culture that caters to men while disadvantaging female employees. Riot Games has 2,500 employees of which 80 percent are male. Those who complained about the company’s sexist policies were either ignored or had their allegations used against them. In a statement, the company said that it takes allegations of harassment and discrimination seriously. It was also noted that the company has gotten rid of several employees who had fostered a toxic culture within the organization.

According to the complaint, the goal is to put an end to policies that pay men more than women who are in similar roles. It also hopes to put an end to a culture that subjects female employees to retaliation and discrimination based on their gender. It asks for unpaid wages and other damages that would be determined during a trial, and the plaintiffs are seeking class action status.

Workers who experience unequal treatment in the workplace because of their gender may have recourse against their employers. This may include filing a lawsuit or a charge with the EEOC. Employees may also be able to work with their employers to resolve the matter internally. In such a scenario, an employee might find it advisable to have legal assistance throughout the process.

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