Strategies that can help close the wage gap

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2018 | Gender Discrimination

Female workers in New York and throughout the country may be victims of the wage gap. Research has shown that this gap exists in almost all sectors of the economy, and both the domestic and global economies could be larger if it were eliminated. It is estimated that the American economy would grow by $512 billion according to data from the Institute for Women’s Policy Research. The global economy could grow by $12 trillion if everyone were paid equally for equal work.

On average, a women has to work 15 months to earn what a man earns working for 12 months. This is because a typical female worker makes 80.5 cents for every dollar earned by a male. However, black and Latina workers make only 63 and 54 cents for each dollar a man makes. If paid equally, it could make it easier for female employees to pay bills, save for retirement and be a larger part of a community’s tax base.

Groups such as the American Association of University Women have members throughout the country and American territories. The AAUW’s Work Smart program will help up to 10 million women better understand how to get what they are worth on the open market based on their credentials by 2022. Furthermore, the program will teach them how to effectively negotiate to get that amount.

If a worker is paid less than someone else in a similar position within an organization, that could be an example of unequal treatment. This is generally true whether companies pays employees differently based on their gender or any reason other than merit. An attorney may review evidence such as pay records to determine if an employee is a victim of an illegal pay disparity.

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