Plaza Hotel faces sexual harassment lawsuit

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2017 | Gender Discrimination

The Plaza Hotel is being sued by six female workers, some of whom no longer work at the famous New York City establishment. The plaintiffs stated in their lawsuit that they suffered harassment from male coworkers as well as senior management.

One employee who endured harassment said that the unwanted sexual conduct started days after she began working at the hotel. She explained that leaving the job is not an option for her as she has a child to raise. Another employee who dealt with the same working conditions said that even though she reported the behavior to management, nothing was done to investigate or mitigate the alleged behavior.

Despite the employee’s report that she had brought the behavior to management’s attention, the company that owns the Plaza denied this report. The company stated that behavior of this kind has never been and will never be tolerated. It also stated that any claims of harassment would are taken seriously and that the claimant would not receive any kind of retaliation. The employee who made the complaint to management said that her aim in the lawsuit is to seek justice and to set an example for other employees who have endured harassment so they can feel more comfortable speaking out about it.

Employees who face gender discrimination or sexual harassment in the workplace may choose to discuss the unwanted conduct with a lawyer who has experience with these types of matters. Most companies have established procedures that an employee might want to follow first. If the matter cannot be resolved internally, then the lawyer might suggest that the filing of a claim with the EEOC or applicable state agency might be the next step to take.

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