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Workplace harassment takes many forms

Some people may believe that sexual misconduct is the only type of harassment in the workplace. However, there are many ways in which New York employees can be harassed regardless of their status within the company. For instance, they could be verbally berated by their superiors in front of others within the company. Such actions are generally intended to normalize the behavior to warn others what could happen if they speak out against it.

If workers are unable to get colleague to engage in a sexual relationship, they may imply that doing so is in theirbest interest. If that fails, they may try to exert whatever power over them as they can. This may be especially true if the person engaging in the harassing behavior is the victim's supervisor or otherwise holds power within the company.

Corporate culture may play a role in allowing harassment in the workplace to continue. Often times, companies may only confess to wrongdoing when there is no more room to hide or deny the allegations. Even then, the person accused of committing the infraction may be allowed to leave work with a generous severance package as in the case of Bill O'Reilly at Fox News.

Employees who receive differing treatment due to gender while at work may wish to talk with an attorney to see what remedies might be avaliable. Legal counsel may be able to collect evidence that could be used to obtain a financial award for a victim. This could include witness statements or testimony from managers or business owners.

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