Ways to combat age discrimination on the job hunt

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2016 | Workplace Discrimination

Older workers in New York may struggle to find employment compared to their younger counterparts, and there are a number of myths about younger and older workers that are not reflected by statistics. For example, employers might say they want younger workers because they will be around longer, but most millennials leave a job after three years.

There are a number of approaches that older workers can take to combat age discrimination. One way is using their professional network which tends to be larger than that of younger workers. Another way might be to initially offer services on a consulting or freelance basis. A speaking gig can be another way to get the attention of potential employers.

People might also want to think about how to avoid disqualifying themselves early on. It is important for older workers to remain polished and dress appropriately. Workers are not required to disclose years for education and other dates that may make an employer set aside their application because of their age, but some forms that are read by machines may require dates. Some people might find that they are more successful in starting their own business.

Workers who believe that they are facing discrimination in the workplace due to their age or for other reasons such as race, disability or religion might want to speak to an attorney. Even if they prefer to start by going through human resources or a supervisor in their workplace, they might find it helpful to understand their legal rights and how to best pursue a claim of discrimination as well as how they are protected against retaliation.

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