4 ways your job could change in light of new overtime rules

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2016 | Wage And Hour Claims

A couple months ago, we wrote a blog informing readers of the changes coming to the federal overtime rule. In that post, which can be read in full here, we mentioned the fact that a significant number of New York employees could start seeing a healthy increase in their checks if they are among those affected by the new overtime pay threshold.

However, your paycheck is not the only thing you might expect to change thanks to the new overtime rule. Other elements of your job could be changing as well.

  1. Your job title could change. Certain types of jobs are exempt from overtime pay, including executives. Therefore, you could be promoted to a management or supervision role.
  2. Your job description could change. If you receive a new title, you should receive a new description. To be exempt from overtime, your primary duties must be authoritative.
  3. You might receive a regular wage increase. If you currently earn more than the existing threshold but less than the new $46,476 threshold, you could see a regular pay increase to again get you above the salary threshold.
  4. You could start seeing more rigid clock-in and clock-out requirements. In an effort to avoid paying overtime, employers may crack down on allowing employees to work more than 40 hours per week. To avoid paying, they may introduce or reinforce strict time-keeping measures to keep workers below 40 hours per week.

Considering these and the other changes your employer could be making in the coming months, it is likely that disputes regarding wage and hour laws will come to light. In fact, some sources, including Bloomberg BNA, anticipate a difficult road ahead when it comes to employment litigation.

With these adjustments and obstacles just around the corner, we encourage employees across New York to familiarize themselves with state and federal wage laws and examine any questions or concerns with the help and guidance of an employment law attorney.

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