Luxury brand faces discrimination lawsuit

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2015 | Workplace Discrimination

When an employee goes into work, he or she hopes to never be judged solely based on skin color or race. While we can all hope that this worry will be gone some day, that is currently not the state of things.

Recently, two men filed a lawsuit against the luxury brand Alexander McQueen for allegedly routinely discriminating against and mistreating minority employees.

The two men, who are both black, said they were treated differently than white employees in the store. They were allegedly falsely accused of theft even though there was apparently no evidence. They were also laughed at for bringing up the discrimination concern to supervisors.

One of the men said he felt “oppressed, rattled, and afraid for [his] future,” explaining that he was surprised that such a brand would allow this kind of behavior. The lawsuit also claims that the employees were searched for theft in front of customers while white employees were screened in private or after the store closed.

These two men are not the only ones who have filed a lawsuit against the company. Back in 2013, a Hispanic woman filed a lawsuit claiming that her boss called her derogatory names related to her ethnicity.

These types of events shouldn’t be happening in any workplace in New York or across the country, but the sad reality is that they do. When an employer is not willing to deal with this type of discrimination, it may be wise to contact an attorney who is experienced in dealing with workplace discrimination.

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