Protect your income by fighting against wage and hour violations

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2015 | Wage And Hour Claims

Many employees in New York work hard for their money in order to support their family month to month. While they are putting in long hours for low pay, they might not even realize that they may not be getting all the wages they deserve. It may only be months after being paid that an employee may realize that something is amiss.

If you fear that you may be missing out on wages that you rightfully deserve, the attorneys at Shulman Kessler LLP can help. Our attorneys have taken on many wage and hour claims and know how to spot discrepancies in pay.

For example, one issue of concern may be related to minimum wage violations. It is possible that someone in the restaurant or construction industries may be getting paid less than minimum wage, for example. It’s important that every worker receives at least minimum wage, as they are entitled to by law.

Another concern has to do with the prevailing wage. If an employer signs a prevailing wage agreement and some workers are categorized into a lower-paid category, an attorney can help with this issue.

Our attorneys have also dealt with violations regarding unpaid overtime and violations of the “Spread of Hours” Law. Employees put in their time in order to help a company thrive, and in doing so, they expect to be fairly compensated for their work and time. If you feel your employer is violating New York wage and hour laws, it may be helpful to reach out to an attorney who is knowledgeable in this area of law.

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